Plant with your business
food forests in Africa:

For people, nature and climate

SDG 1, 2, 7, 8,13,15

Forest sponsorship for companies

Make your commitment to sustainability tangible in your company with a forest sponsorship – for employees and customers.

Our forest sponsorships for food forests in Africa help people, nature and the climate at the same time. This makes them a powerful tool in your toolbox for building more sustainability in your company. As a forest sponsor, you will inspire the management and your colleagues and also ensure a long-term impact in the world.


Kuchengrafik 81 Prozent

“81 percent of young Germans pay attention to the employer’s attitude to the climate when choosing a job”

Source: European Investment Bank (EIB) Climate Survey August 2022,
Results published on 21.03.2023.

Climate protection in the company has long been an important competitive factor.

It’s about energy efficiency, innovation, access to markets where climate protection is important, and a positive public image. But it’s also about competition for the brightest minds! Climate protection plays a decisive role there.

ClimateNuts is your partner for real climate protection impact and the right communication.


You create positive change in the company with a forest sponsorship…

Begeisterung bei den Kollegen

Enthusiasm among your colleagues

Positive Wahrnehmung bei deinen Kunden

Positive perception by customers

Hilfe vor Ort in Afrika

Long-term help for the people on the ground

Klimaschutz und Biodiversität

Climate protection and biodiversity

…and make a real difference in the world!

Sustainable development goals
SDG 1 no poverty

A regular income finances schooling and health.

SDG 2 zero hunger

There is something on the table every day even for the poorest.

SDG 7 affordable and clean energy

Clean electricity drives machines and cools medicines.

SDG 8 decent work and economic growth

We process directly on site and create jobs, especially for women.

SDG 13 climate action

CO2 is stored in the soil and in the trees and we thus protect the climate.

SDG 15 life on land

The forests are home to monkeys, bats
and rare birds.

We have a triple crisis …


Global warming,
exponentially increasing


of the species are threatened with extinction


people live
in extreme poverty

Tropical food forests help the climate – and can do much more!

We plant food forests exactly where forests used to disappear.

Agroforestry systems, as they are known in technical jargon, are one of the most effective solutions to climate change. They store CO2 in the trunks and branches of trees and additionally in the soil because they help build up humus.

Food forests give people additional income because harvesting can take place at multiple levels: coconuts at the top, mangoes and cashews below, papayas and pineapples below, and peanuts and ginger at the bottom.

And, food forests are home to many rare species such as monkeys, bats, birds and insects. They are bringing nature back.

Zertifikat für eine Firmen-Waldpatenschaft

Impact packages for your business:

A tree sponsorship is a nice thing, but a corporate forest sponsorship for an entire patch of food forest is even better and more effective against climate change.

sdg 13 Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz und 15 Leben an Land

Package 1: Climate & Nature

  • One hectare of food forest stores about 60 tons of CO2 over the years.
  • 10 and more tree species create a diverse mixed forest and ensure biodiversity.

Ideas for your company:

  • Offset your company’s emissions and become climate neutral faster.
  • Plant forest for your employees as a thank you for their commitment, for birthdays, company anniversaries, etc., documented with a beautiful certificate with geo-coordinates.
  • Plant forest for every big order and share the joy.
SDG 1, 2, 8, 7

Package 2: Development perspectives

  • Free an entire village from extreme poverty in the long term.
  • Invest in high-quality tools produced by local village blacksmiths.
  • Invest in seeds for beans and peanuts and sustainable growth.
  • Ensure long-term growth in rural Africa by increasing harvests.

New Impact Project!

SDG 17 partnership for goals

Package 3: Corporate sustainability

  • Receive healthy nuts every month for the meeting table, coffee kitchen and office.
  • Set an example with sustainable small gifts for visitors or customers.
  • Ensure an effective communication strategy with authentic stories, pictures and videos from Africa.
  • Get people inside and outside the company excited about your sustainability strategy.
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2023: Facts and figures

Partner villages in Sierra Leone

People benefit from the cooperation

Hectares of forest planting planned for 2023

Hectares of land reserved for future projects

Nurseries with a total of 20,000 trees

Insight in our work

In the following short film we give a little insight into our work in Africa.



Here is an overview of the forest sponsorship projects of some references in Maron, one of our partner villages in Sierra Leone. Each square becomes one hectare (= 10,000 sqm) of diverse food forest!

Referenzen Firmen Waldpatenschaften

Ich möchte gerne mehr über die Partnerschaft erfahren!

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