Plant trees?

   No, whole forests!

Give your loved ones something,
that will do good for decades!

Symbolbild Waldpatenschaft

Forest sponsorship as a gift

Do you know the problem:

  • Climate change and its consequences scare you?
  • Do you feel powerless in the face of constant reports of new natural disasters?
  • You wonder what kind of world your children or grandchildren will live in?

Or you are looking for a really extraordinary gift, e.g.:

  • for birth, communion,
  • confirmation,wedding, Valentine’s Day,
  • company anniversary, Christmas or other special occasions?
  • Buying stars is too far away and planting a single tree is too little for you?


We have the solution for you: A forest sponsorship for a whole food forest!

Our tropical food forests help the climate, but they can do much more!

We plant food forests exactly where forests used to disappear.

Agroforestry systems, as they are known in technical jargon, are one of the most effective solutions to climate change. They store CO2 in the trunks and branches of trees and additionally in the soil because they help build up humus.

Food forests give people additional income because harvesting can take place at multiple levels: coconuts at the top, mangoes and cashews below, papayas and pineapples below, and peanuts and ginger at the bottom.

And, food forests are home to many rare species such as monkeys, bats, birds and insects. They are bringing nature back.

We have a great vison and would like to have you with us.

We are serious about making a positive difference in the world. Planting forests is just one part of our project. We’re supporting local people with social innovations like village pharmacies, we’re working with farmers to develop solutions for transporting, storing and processing the harvest, and we want to invest in solar energy for processing. Here are a few insights.

Who do you want to do something good for?

One of your loved ones is at a special point in life? You can give them something very special – a forest sponsorship for a food forest in Africa!

A tree sponsorship is a nice thing to give, but a sponsorship for a whole piece of food forest is much, much better and more effective against climate change.

Anlässe für eine Waldpatenschaft zum Verschenken

How big do you want your forest to be?

We want you to have an idea of what a hectare is. So let’s make the comparison! You decide what suits you and we show you what you can achieve with a forest sponsorship as a gift.

Wie groß soll Dein Wald werden? Größenvergleich für eine Waldpatenschaft

How it works:

  1. Choose the appropriate food forest size to be planted for the forest sponsorship.
  2. Receive a beautiful certificate with geo-coordinates, printed on sustainable grass paper in a real wood frame and a welcome package with cashews.
  3. For half an acre or more for a forest sponsorship, you’ll get a custom sign with photo once we’ve planted in the summer!
Zertifikat für die private Waldpatenschaft


“We have a forest sponsorship from ClimateNuts for one acre of food forest because we want to do more than plant a single tree in the face of rapid climate change. One tree is good, but a whole small forest is even better and more effective. We want to make our contribution for a future worth living – for our daughter, our nephews and the local people in Sierra Leone.”

Chris & Katrin from Weßling – forestpartner since 29.01.2023

Anke und Stefan

“By sponsoring a food forest at ClimateNuts, we would like to contribute to securing a future worth living for our newborn daughter. ClimateNuts is the perfect partner for us, because the team works with passion and expertise to protect our environment and the future of our children.”

Anke and Stefan from munich – forestpartner since 01.02.2023

Your forest sponsorship gift changes the world!

Your food forest gives space for nature

A food forest protects the climate

Your food forest makes many people happy for many years

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