Über uns - Dorfbewohner in Sierra Leone

About us

Climate Nuts is an innovative climate startup from Germering near Munich, founded at the end of 2021. Our commitment is to a sustainable solution to the three major crises facing humanity: climate change, biodiversity loss and global poverty. We are working to ensure that we can all buy healthy food that actively helps people, nature and the climate. And for all private idealists and for sustainable companies, we offer forest sponsorships to protect climate and wildlife in Africa.

Christoph SchaafThe idea for the foundation came from Christoph Schaaf, adventurer and entrepreneurial founder:

“I remember in 2018, after a long journey, standing on the shore of the dried upAralsee and my only thought was: we have to do something against the destruction of nature by man! This moment was the trigger for the creation of ClimateNuts”

And fortunately, there are solutions and people in Africa who are already implementing them. We spent many days and weeks with African farmers in remote villages, asked a lot of questions and listened a lot, and finally worked out a common strategy.

Our approach

This led to the approach of planting food forests by local smallholders in combination with direct import of cashews, which are directly processed on site. This protects the climate, creates jobs, income and protects the environment. More about planting food forests can be found under agroforestry.

In the meantime, we have grown into a colorful team from Germany, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. In the meantime, we have grown into a colorful team from Germany, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. A common dream for the future drives us all: Let’s build a business that benefits people, nature and climate!

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The newsletter also contains reports on the progress of the planting campaign for food forests in Sierra Leone. Since the beginning of February 2023, we also offer forest sponsorships as a gift, from 1/10 hectare to one hectare, i.e. 10,000 square meters.


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