Climate Nuts brings sustainable Spices and Nuts from tropical forest gardens to your table.

We plant multi-layered food forests in Africa and secure the livelihood of local people through fair and direct trade. At the same time, we counteract climate change by storing CO2 in the soil and in the trees. In this way, everyone benefits: from the small farmers in Sierra Leone and Cameroon to you and your family.

If you also want to do something concrete against climate change, then support our work and the people on site now – by shopping in our online store or by sponsoring a piece of food forest in Africa. For people, nature and climate.

Our Vision

Imagine going shopping and being sure that the products not only taste delicious, but actively help to make the world a little better.
That´s our commitment.

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Team Climate Nuts

Our Team

We are a colourful team from Germany, Sierra Leone and Cameroon with a vision that drives us all:

Let’s build a business that benefits people, nature and the climate!

» More about the Climate Nuts team

Team Climate Nuts

An insight into our work

You want to get a short impression of our work on a site and get in a good mood as well? Then watch the following one-minute video. A more detailed video is available under Vision.

Sounds exciting? Stay up to date!

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